How My Dog Helped Me Win the World Cup

I have seen many animals predict things like games and election like a porcupine predicting the Supper Bowl or an anteater predicting an election. Heck a groundhog even predicts our weather. So I let my dog choose the winners of the tournaments of the FIFA World Cup. I even bet on the games since I’m into taruhan bola a bit.

I bought my dog new toys or treats for each game and picked on to represent each team then set them out on each side of the yard then brought my dog, Charlie, out and the one he grabbed first was to be the winner. Continue reading

DIY PVC Projects – Something For Everyone

One of the top materials accessible the average DIY enthusiast is PVC Pipe or Tubing. PVC is great for many different DIY and household projects because of its strength, versatility, and low cost. Since there are many various fittings and different pipe diameters, PVC pipe can be used to construct anything you can think of. Examples of unique things built out of PVC are – Greenhouses and other small structures, go cart frames, and numerous types of instruments can be built with PVC.

PVC pipe is such a widely used DIY building material because it is inexpensive, sturdy, and very easy to work with. PVC is very strong and is not influenced by heat, moisture, or sunlight. Unlike wood, it will not expand and contract, and unlike steel and iron, it will not rust. PVC pipes are virtually indestructible and last for a long time without wearing down.

What makes PVC unique is that even though it is very strong, it is also easy to work with. PVC pipes are lightweight, come in many different sizes, and are easy to cut apart and join together. With many different sizes and fittings, it is possible to make any size and shape

Diy Sofa Cleaning

Many an antique leather armchair, lambs wool cushion or mohair chaise longue has fell victim to Do-It-Yourself upholstery cleaning. In an ideal world, we wouldnt make such a mess of things, but its bound to happen. Think of the time you spilled Spaghetti Bolognese all over the carpet because you didnt want to miss X-Factor and there was no television in the dining room. A few simple home cleaning tips will go a long way to not ruining your furniture in the spirit of DIY upholstery cleaning.

As a rule, liquid spills, with the exception of red wine or coffee, are suitable for Do-It-Yourself cleaning. A household cleaning solution or upholstery shampoo will usually do the trick. Apply it as soon as possible after the spill, work it into the fabric, and use a damp rag to blot out the liquid. You can repeat this procedure as many times as is necessary to remove the stain and discolouration, changing your cloth as often as needs be in removing any dark patches.

Food spills, pet mess, chewing gum and the like represent more difficult tasks for the DIY cleaning enthusiast. These types of stains are easily mashed into the fabric of the upholstery,

DIY Magnetic Generator To Entirely Power Your Household

DIY magnetic generators are one of the hottest topics when it comes to alternative energy sources. This is because many individuals want to cut back on energy costs and become more energy efficient.

Some people don’t want to commit to putting together a DIY magnetic generator because they believe it would be difficult to put together one themselves. However, a DIY magnetic generator is actually easier to put together than a solar panel system or wind turbine.

As long as you make sure you have the proper plans you should have no issue putting together your energy efficient generator. Although these generators are easy to put together, this isn’t the only reason why they’re so popular.

One of the biggest reasons many homeowners are attracted to DIY magnetic motors is because they can work in any weather condition. That’s right, you don’t need any sunlight or wind to begin producing energy for your home. This is a big advantage it has over other alternative energy producing devices.

Since no outside energy is necessary to power these generators, they power themselves multiplying the usable energy it produces for your household. Of course, you don’t need all this extra energy, which means

Compost Toilet DIY Design

Composting Toilets are becoming more and more popular.

More of us are becoming aware of the insane amount of water we use every time we flush the Toilet. There is also the very important issue of waste. Everything we flush down the Toilet can be composted.

Many people are put off by the fact that human waste can and should be composted. There is no reason to be squeamish. Once broken down on a properly functioning Compost Heap there is nothing to be afraid of.

There will be no dangerous bacteria or anything else that can do you harm, if you put the contents of a compost toilet in your Compost pile and it breaks down properly.

Compost Toilet DIY is a very easy. There are loads of plans on the Web but personally I found it very easy to build my own. Be adventurous.

All you need is a sheet of ply, a bucket with a secure lid and a Toilet seat.

It is simply a matter of building a box around a suitably sized bucket. You then cut a hole in the top of the box, screw on the Toilet Seat and you have your very own Compost